Yarlet School | Yarlet School Aims

Yarlet School Aims

At Yarlet School we aim to have:

  1. pupils who are safe and extremely well cared for and nurtured in an environment which promotes and recognises exemplary behaviour;
  2. pupils who achieve to the best of their ability in all areas of school life and are thoroughly prepared for the next stage of their education;
  3. a curriculum which is broad and balanced and designed to challenge all students, develop their academic abilities, and build upon their individual strengths;
  4. an extensive and high quality extracurricular programme which is particularly strong in sport and music and includes opportunities for pupils to learn by making contributions in the community;
  5. excellent teaching which is inspirational and enables children to reach their full potential;
  6. frequent opportunities for pupils to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally;
  7. a thriving flexi-boarding service which allows pupils to gain valuable boarding experience whilst participating in a range of activities which are well organised and fun;
  8. outstanding Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) provision which affords the strongest possible start for our youngest pupils;
  9. an active Board of Governors which places great importance on child safety and welfare and provides vision, support and guidance to the school's leadership team;
  10. a solid leadership and management team which provides clear direction and maintains the highest standards across the board;
  11. premises, accommodation and resources which are of a good standard and enable pupils to thrive;
  12. a high quality catering service, a clean and hygienic environment and children who take pride in their appearance by wearing a smart but practical uniform;
  13. grounds and buildings which are secure, well maintained and attractive;
  14. the opportunity for past pupils to have a continued involvement in the school by attending special events and being kept up‑to‑date via social media and the school's website;
  15. a first-class reputation in the local community and beyond;
  16. an effective system of communicating with parents, carers and/or guardians and a commitment to provide regular feedback in relation to pupil effort, progress and attainment;
  17. a stable and well managed financial position;
  18. a commitment to provide public benefit, including the provision of bursaries at 11+ through the R. S. Plant Awards and Combined Scholarship Programme.