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  1. U9 GIRLS SPORT FEB 2018

    Yarlet started off amazingly with a goal from Grace W within 3 minutes. This was followed by a great passes from Ava in the centre to Nolita then again to Super Scorer Grace, which lead to another fantastic hoop. Terra Nova were not happy and they tried to fight back but because of the great interception skills from Matilda and Ella-Mae the team managed to stop them scoring and straight back into Yarlet's shooting D. The score was now 3-0 to Yarlet but that still wasn't enough so Nolita decided to score another.
    After a little break the girls were desperate to get back on the pitch. Terra Nova were determined not to lose so they picked up their game and tried even harder, making it harder for Yarlet in the centre third. The girls pulled up their socks, giving some mighty passes and fabulous interceptions from Matilda, Grace C and Ava. The final score was 5-0 to Yarlet with Grace W being the star player.

    Yarlet got off to a good start with strong attacking from Eliza and Isabelle. Soon Bella scored the first goal of the match. Terra Nova began fighting back but with some amazing defending from Helena and good passing from Lily F, Bella soon got another goal. The half time score was 3-0 to Yarlet. With Terra Nova's strong attacking Yarlet were finding it more challenging. Hannah, Minnie and Lucy were fantastic in defence and soon got control of the ball giving it back to Bella to score yet another two goals! With a last minute goal from Helena the final score was 6-0. Well done girls, a great start to the season with Minnie being voted star player of the match.

  2. U13 Netball v Prestfelde

    U13s vs Prestfelde:

    In the first quarter, the U13s didn't have the best start. Prestfelde's passing was good and we found ourselves struggling. By the end of the first quarter the score was 4-0 to Prestfelde. After some pointers, we were determined to fight back and soon, with some great defending from Jess and Harriet, we found ourselves shooting basket after basket. By the end of the second quarter the score was 7-6 to Yarlet. In the third quarter Yarlet got off to a great start with Sophie and Kirstie carrying out some great attacking, Ellen was working really hard at the wing and we finished the third quarter 12-8 to Yarlet. During the final quarter, Prestfelde were determined to fight back. Danielle and Grace were working hard in the centre not letting Prestfelde in their attacking third. A superb game girls, with the final score a resounding 16-11 win to Yarlet (Sophie 4 and Kirstie 12). Well done to Sophie who was voted star player.

    U10s vs Prestfelde:

    Prestfelde had the first centre pass which Freya quickly intercepted to give Yarlet possession. Katie and Raphie showed superb skill in centre court by sneaking around the opponents and into space. Within the first few minutes, Amelia was in possession of the ball and, whilst shooting, the ball got knocked out of the D. Raphie was quick to respond and snatched the ball back giving Louiza the ball, who found the U10s first goal of the match. Chloe was waiting with anticpation to intercept a centre and she did, passing the ball again to the shooters. In Yarlet's defence, Emily and Freya worked relentlessly to distract and intercept passes between their GS and GA. The final score was 5-3 to Yarlet (Louiza 3 and Amelia 2) - a superb game girls very well done!