Yarlet School | Uniform


Children at Yarlet wear their uniforms with pride.  Their uniforms change as they move through the school but our pupils are always look smart and presentable which helps to set high standards and promote self-discipline.  

Please click on one of the photographs below to see more specific information.

All uniform is now supplied directly from the school's own uniform shop.  


nursery girl

Nursery girl

nursery boy

Nursery boy

pre prep girl

Prep-Prep girl (Kindergarten to F2)

pre prep boy

Pre-Prep boy (Kindergarten to F2)

main school girl younger

Main School girl (F3 and F4)

main school boy younger

Main School boy (F3 and F4)

main school girl

Main School girl (F5 to F8)

main school boy

Main School boy (F5 to F8)