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Scholarships at 11+

Scholarships adGovernors are now offering 2-year Scholarships to pupils entering Yarlet at the age of 11, known as the R S Plant Scholarships. These take the name of Richard Plant, who was Headmaster at Yarlet from 1989 to 2009.

The new Scholarships aim to make Yarlet more accessible to local boys and girls who are currently in Year 6 at other schools. They will not be means tested and will amount to a fee remission of 50% for Years 7 and 8, the years when pupils in secondary schools often underperform and experience what researchers have called the 'Year 7 dip'. Though the R S Plant Scholarships will not extend into Senior Schools, they will allow families to benefit from Yarlet's well-established record for providing the best guidance and education to prepare for Senior Schools and to win the awards which they offer at 13+. Over the past few years, pupils have won awards to Shrewsbury, Repton, Denstone, Rugby, Stafford Grammar, Cheltenham Ladies, Moreton Hall and Wrekin College.

Applications may be made at any time and should be addressed to the Headmaster, Yarlet School, Yarlet, Nr Stafford, ST18 9SU or emailed to: headmaster@yarletschool.org.  Applications should provide detailed information about academic strengths, predicted levels at Key Stage 2 and any anticipated extracurricular contributions such as sport, drama and/or music.

Suitable applicants will be invited to attend an assessment and selection day at Yarlet and their parents will be able to visit the school beforehand. Families are encouraged to telephone the school if they wish to discuss the scholarships. (01785 286568)