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In our opinion, hands down; the best preparatory school in Staffordshire, if not the UK. Headmaster, Mr Raybould leads his team of marvellous teachers and support staff with such passion, energy and commitment, that it flows through the entire school.
The pastoral care at Yarlet School is simply amazing. The young people who attend are an absolute credit to the school. Yarlet School instil such confidence, that by the time the young people leave in Year 8, they truly are ready for the next step.
We say this with the experience of seeing our child grow from strength to strength during his time at Yarlet School. Our son was born in Spain and spent 9 fantastic years there, before reluctantly moving to the UK. We visited and he completed trial days at various schools in Staffordshire but the moment we entered Yarlet School, we all knew this was the right place for our son to make a successful transition.
From day 1, the Yarlet School community made our son feel welcome, happy and he settled immediately.
Academically, Yarlet School is nothing less than outstanding. The young people never feel pressured, only encouraged. They develop each young person’s abilities and support their needs, enabling them to become the best that they can be.
Our son left Yarlet School in July 2020 achieving Common Entrance results that far exceeded our expectations.
During the national lockdown, Yarlet School supplied a full timetable of remote learning and support. The timetable included daily online lessons with teachers and classmates, which enabled full discussions and embedded... Read More

Our daughter will soon be entering her third year at Yarlet, and we are delighted with her progress and increase in confidence. The Yarlet team really do get the balance right between academic excellence and pastoral care. Inspiring independent thought, development of character, a passion for learning and a strong desire to be kind and inclusive.

Yarlet is a lovely picturesque school with amazing grounds, which teaches the children care and attention to detail. The school is nurturing and very adapting to every child's needs. I've been so impressed with the work and support my daughter has had over the covid 19 epidemic. The Google meets have been great for the children to see one another and also to speak to the teacher.
Lily cannot wait to return in September she has missed school so much.

Yarlet School are not only exacting with their teaching curriculum but also their pastoral care is excellent. The relationship between teacher or any member of staff and the pupils ensures that the children thrive in the school environment. This starts in early years and by seniors school years 7 and 8 the children are treated as young adults and this bears out in the confidence shown by the older ones in being able to support the younger children too.
Parent / teacher contact and working together is also excellent with teachers happy to have that flow of information and acting on anything which needs addressing.
The Senior management team are always visible and available to both children and parents, and their hard work and dedication has shown through over the last few years, and has been very evident this past school year.
As a Key Worker their support and understanding recently has been invaluable to both my children and myself.

My daughter has been at Yarlet for year 7. Yarlet is welcoming and nurturing. One of the first things that struck me was that I had never been in a school before, where the children were so excited and happy to be there. My daughter has flourished in all aspects during the year. She has made friends that I know will be lifelong. It's a special place that feels more like a family or as I like to call it the Yarlet bubble.Our daughter has definately improved in her weakest areas, and gained so much more confidence. The leadership and the teachers make sure that every child receives the attention they require, and strive to bring out the best in each child. For us it was nothing short of an amazing school and highly recommend it.

Our son has been at Yarlet since nursery and we remain very impressed at the nurturing environment that is evident at the school. As he’s grown older, the emphasis on academic progress has become more apparent but not at the expense of the sports and music offered at Yarlet.
We intend to keep him at Yarlet until the end of Year 8 as we are delighted with his development to date. The values instilled by the Yarlet code are apparent even at his young age and will stand him in good stead as he develops in life. We couldn’t be happier!!

My son has been at yarlet since nursery and has thoroughly enjoyed everyday. It is a wonderful nurturing family environment. All the teachers know all the pupils individually and all their individual needs. The pupils mix with all year groups which is lovely to see. Yarlet knows how to get the best out of each individual child which develops their ability and confidence.

We honestly couldn't wish for a more nurturing, kind and inspiring environment for our 2 girls. Since starting at Yarlet in nursery both have grown into confident and happy children. Yarlet have an ability to instil such fabulous ethics in the pupils, we can't recommend Yarlet highly enough.

The school grounds are beautiful and you couldn't wish for a nicer place to school your child. We genuinely feel incredibly lucky to have found Yarlet.

Yarlet is much more than just a school, it is a community. The teachers really know the children as individuals, where each child's specific needs are catered for. The SEN provision is excellent at Yarlet. The unique caring, welcoming and family atmosphere are what convinced us to choose Yarlet and we have not been disappointed. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the school to anyone.

I am pleased to say that my son has very supportive care in Yarlet and I am very satisfied with his progress.
The teaching staff in Yarlet have been amazing. They have provided continuous high quality teaching during the COVID months. My son has special educational needs. I am impressed with the excellent SEN support in Yarlet. I hope the school thrives and prospers and continues to provide the high quality all round care for young kids.

Yarlet is a busy and exciting environment in which to learn. It is a happy place where pupils are encouraged to be individuals and embrace challenges.
Yarlet gives real value to every pupil so that he or she will enjoy a feeling of security, a sense of belonging and will develop a belief of their own worth, whatever their individual strengths and qualities.
The classroom learning is complemented by a variety of academic societies and clubs as well the field trips that engender a wider, outward focus. Outside the classroom, our child has enjoyed seemingly unlimited opportunities to participate in an exciting range of co-curricular sports, arts and music activities along with adventurous expeditions which have boosted his confidence and built excellent foundations for him to use throughout his life.
Finally, our child has achieved academic success and personal development giving him the greatest sense of fulfilment and reward.

Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Yarlet and the experience has been positive, nurturing and encouraging throughout. Scarlet has flourished as a result of the inspiring teaching and can-do atmosphere that is derived from excellent leadership of the school. The educational benefits are extraordinary and Scarlet has exceeded her and our expectations in academia. We have seen her mature significantly over her time at Yarlet and the school has helped her develop into a mature, environmentally aware and responsible individual. The family feel of the school and the balance created which still allows children to be children is by far the most attractive quality Yarlet has to offer in our opinion.

The Yarlet experience is unique. The teachers and staff are amazing and get the best out of every child. The grounds are beautiful and allow children to be children.
It is the Yarlet family that makes it so special though. All of the children from 2-13 know each other and they all look out for one another. I get a feeling of contentment dropping my children off every day knowing they will get the best education in the happiest of environments.

Both of my children have received an education that is tailored to them as individuals. Building confidence through their areas of strength and supporting them to build determination with the things they struggle with.
The values that the staff instil in the children from such an early stage is the intangible that makes the difference with a Yarlet education. Yarlet talks about being a family, those aren't just words, it really is.