Yarlet School | Latest inspection reports

Latest inspection reports

Following our latest Educational Quality Inspection, we take great pride in sharing the following excerpts:


‘Pupils relish the extensive opportunities they are given to take on responsibilities within the school. They develop excellent self-confidence and self-esteem in response to the wide range of leadership roles available to them.'


‘Pupils achieve notably well in both academic and non academic pursuits. The majority of those leaving the school gain at least one academic award or scholarship.'


’Pupils are very respectful to one another, to staff and visitors. They have a clear sense of right and wrong and are strongly committed to the rules.


'[The pupils confirmed] that the excellent behaviour seen by inspectors around the school is entirely typical of a normal school day, and that the basis for this mature and sensible conduct is mutual respect.'


'Children in the EYFS get off to a strong start and attain above national average outcomes by the end of Reception.'


‘Pupils reported that teachers and other staff are always prepared to go the extra mile in helping them, by giving additional time after school as well as in lessons.'


'Pupils communication skills are highly developed. Typically, pupils are confident speakers and are adept at listening.'


'Pupils are confident and increasingly effective writers over time. They adapt their writing to suit the needs of different purposes and audiences.’


'Pupils exhibit positive attitude to learning. They are enthusiastic about working collaboratively in groups and can maintain good concentration in class.’


'Pupils go on to the next stage of their lives as both academically successful and well-rounded young people because the school’s aims and ethos place equally strong emphasis on both aspects of their development.’


'Most pupils take advantage of the flexi-boarding arrangements at some point in their time at the school, resulting in clear gains in their personal development.’


'Pupils strongly respect and value diversity within society and understand that people have more in common than what separates them.’


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