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Learning support

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The Learning Support Department is here to support any children who may require help at any time during their education at Yarlet. Our dedicated SENDCo (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator) is based in the Main School building and works closely with all other members of the academic staff.

In Pre-Prep, all children are screened for learning difficulties which ensures that any support which may be required is provided sooner rather than later. However, if concerns arise at a later stage, a child may be referred to the department at any time.

Children generally receive support within their normal lessons although it is sometimes beneficial to work with children on a one-to-one or small group basis. All such arrangements are discussed and agreed with parents in advance.

Target setting is central to helping children to make progress and pupils' IEPs (Individual Education Plans) are carefully formulated and agreed with parents. The work of the department is very much a partnership with parents and our SENDCo is always happy to discuss progress, targets and strategies.

There is normally no additional charge for group learning support when this is provided by our SENDCo or other Yarlet staff. However, where the level of support required is one-to-one or when it exceeds what is typically delivered in-house, the additional support provided is chargeable. When an EHC Plan is in place, some or all of this charge may be covered by the Local Authority; in all other cases, this is added to pupils' accounts. Additional support varies from child to child and is aimed at meeting individual needs. Yarlet works with Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Autism Outreach, Occupational Therapists and Dyslexia Action. Agencies and specialist teachers sometimes bill parents directly for individual tuition or assessments.

Parents will be expected to absorb the cost of any specialist report or assessment that is required by the school, where it is not funded by others such as the National Health Service or Local Authority.