Yarlet School | Happy, confident children

Happy, confident children


It is difficult to image a school where children have more fun. Our youngest children love spending time together in their newly renovated play areas and every day their classrooms are filled with engaging, child centred learning activities. It is amazing to see how young Yarletians grow in confidence week by week. Even our 3 year olds are encouraged to speak in front of their parents and visitors when they lead assemblies every half term and by the end of pre-prep, it is striking to see how self-assured our pupils have become.

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We build on this in Main School when there are regular fun filled events such as the Halloween Party, Bonfire Night, a Christmas Sleepover and Friendship Discos. From 7 years old many children choose to board on occasional nights which allows them to have a great time with their friends as well as develop independence, self-reliance and essential social skills. During the final years at Yarlet, our senior pupils have many opportunities to use and develop their confidence in poetry reciting, acting in plays and performing music as soloists, in ensembles, or as members of the school choir or orchestra. This is coupled with the development of leadership skills by becoming prefects, team captains, heads of houses and school councillors.

The end result is happy, confident young men and women who are ready to take on the world when they join their senior schools at 13.